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Prepare yourself for Top-Ranked Universities Admission


Advanced Placement or AP consists of recognized university-level courses and examinations. The 34 AP courses are designed to improve students skills acquired in university and prepare students to be ready for the worlds leading universities.

Some colleges use AP test scores to exempt students from introductory coursework, others use them to place students in higher designated courses, and some do both. Most colleges require a minimum score of 3 or 4 to receive college credit.

The test is scored on a 1 to 5 scale as follows:

5 - Extremely well qualified
4 - Well qualified
3 - Qualified
2 - Possible qualified
1 - No recommendation

Study AP at Keaes

Intensive Private Prep Course:

The Intensive Private Prep Course for AP is designed for students who wish to prepare for their upcoming exam. Students are allowed to set their own schedule which is very flexible. Our Intensive Course also allows students to choose the subjects and areas they would like to focus on. 


Option 1: Private Class (1 student)

Option 2: Private Group Class (2-5 students)


Subjects Available:

- Mathematics 

- Math Studies 

​- Statistics

- Physics 

- Chemistry

- Biology

- Business Studies

- Economics

- European History


And many more...

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